Having a successful career is top priority in life, but getting there is easier said than done. We are faced with fierce competition in the job market and the best job opportunities are easily missed. In fact, many qualified employees are stagnating in their career, as they do not know how to stand out from the crowd and be recognized by employers. To fight back against this situation by using the following career development tips to boost your career prospects.

Career Development Tips

Tip 1 for Career Development: Perfect Your CV

Not much of a tip? Well, there is a lot hiding behind a CV, and one huge part of it is your personality. To build a good CV, you don’t only need a good degree, experience, and linguistic knowledge. It must also prove you’re dedicated to your job and have gone the extra mile for your company. What are your achievements? How long have you been faithful at your job? Have you volunteered in the community? These are questions recruiters will ask themselves when they review your CV.

Tip 2: Personal Development

Well, we ARE a training center, and know firsthand that training can give you the skills you need to get the promotion or new job you have been looking for. Moreover, if you are consistently acquiring new knowledge, skills, and abilities then you will be viewed as more versatile to employers and are teachable at the same time. Many top companies have a culture of learning. They look for people that can fit in with the culture they are trying to build. Don’t let your CV get stale, but rather stay proactive to always grown and develop yourself. You can review the possibilities and get started here.

Tip 3: Knowledge Building

It is a lengthy journey to develop a career. Perseverance is the key to go up, as progress and success unfortunately do not happen overnight. In fact, this is something that must be done daily. Read an article, watch a video, listen to a podcast, visit a website, etc. Knowledge accumulation, as long as it is relevant, will be noticed in meetings, interviews, cover letters, and tests that companies might ask you to undergo.

Tip 4: Networking

No matter how good you are, if nobody gets to know your qualities, they will be wasted. While a good CV can impress, it’s only through getting to know you that recruiters will trust you and give you a chance. Thankfully in Cambodia, there are no lack of career fairs, exhibition shows, or expositions to get yourself known to others. Joining your local chamber of commerce can be another great way to meet other professionals looking to expand their team.

To find out more on career development and how we can help you get on your desired career path, feel free to contact us directly by phone or email. See you in class!