Human Resources best practices are well-known worldwide. Companies must treat their employees fairly and show generosity towards them, even if it cost them bonuses and days off, because a happy employee is 10 times more productive than an unhappy one. This logic is the foundation of a popular saying: “work smarter, not harder”. Nowadays, some feel that only factory workers and farmers are expected to work harder, while white collar professionals must develop their skills and work ethic. However, such HR policies might not be affordable for SMEs with limited budgets. In order for people to upscale Human Resources in Cambodia and improve their workplace culture without spending a ton, we offer these several tips to help.

Communication: Listening, Meeting, and Sharing

Power distance is something that is quite high in Asia. The boss towers over his/her employees. There is a strict hierarchy to respect and the “higher-ups” consider they have no time to waste with the people at the bottom of the ladder. That’s what middle managers are for, they think. However, such an attitude can be alienating for the rank and file workers. Without any consideration, they are only willing to do the bare minimum for their structure. This fosters disloyalty and crushes any hope to climb the corporate ladder. Finally, that’s how you end up with a huge turnover ratio, like many Cambodian SMEs face. To avoid that, communication is necessary. It is vital to pay attention and give importance to the people giving their time and energy so the company can rise. Furthermore, perhaps there are several excellent ideas among them, waiting for such an occasion to be voiced. Don’t forget simple things, such as praise for a job well done! Nobody wants to work hard and do good only to be shot down at the slightest mistake.

Company Events and Team Building

By company events, we are not talking about nights out in fancy restaurants, or trips to overseas countries. A good company event can happen indoors for any occasion. A birthday, a country holiday, a reached KPI, etc. Once you have your excuse, throw a party, perhaps with several games. If people mingle and relax together, their relationships will improve and their teamwork will grow accordingly. You will also develop your own reputation as a caring manager. If your employees are not the playful type, if they don’t care for games, movies, karaoke or any entertainment whatsoever, team building activities are welcome. It will fill objectives you may have for them, while still having a good time.

Company Culture

Branding is for everyone, not just large groups and corporations. Through branding, companies develop their reputation and enforce a positive image for their customers. To do the same for employees, there is the company culture. Let’s give ourselves an example. Say, you want to showcase dynamism and innovation to the world. Then, your own employees should be part of the process, making these values their own and attracting potential applicants who like this as well. Organize and sponsor a running contest. Participate in shows and workshops on the subject. Join conferences, breakfast talks, luncheons and other networking events. Ask for an idea per week from everyone. Or even better: ask for an idea per week, select the best one, and implement it! It will show care, passion and that innovation value much more than ads. It’s all about your own imagination here. Take what you like and implement it organically in the company.

Next step to upscale Human Resources in Cambodia

We hope that this article on Human Resources in Cambodia policies help you to deal with your challenges. To go further, we recommend you to take a look at the “Developing Employees” and “People Management” Courses from the Center for Leadership and Professional Development. For more info, please contact us either by phone at 023-990-023 or by mail at [email protected]. Thank you for reading.