It is not easy to operate a company in South-East Asia. It becomes even worse when companies don’t even follow the most basic corporate values and engage in corporate corruption, regardless if they are operated by locals or foreigners. In lands where laws are few and corrupters are many, it is tempting to bypass pesky legislation and do business as you see fit. After all, everyone is doing the same, right?

However, corporate corruption has a lot of unfortunate side effects even to the extent of destroying an economy. In order to explain to employees, managers, and companies why corporate values are important and even profitable in the long run, the CLPD is pleased to introduce this quick guide.

Start the Fight against Corporate Corruption with Trust

Suspicion is what happened when you cannot create a bond with the others. Perhaps because the environment taught them to expect the worse. Corporate corruption is part of that. In order for suspicion to become something of the past, trust must be enforced vigorously. Don’t give too much leeway but afford to believe the man in front of you is not out to get you.

On the other hand, when you have someone willing to trust you, don’t use it against them. Not only you will lose what could have been a good customer or even a good friend, but you will get a bad reputation that will be impossible to shake off.

Trust is in when Corporate Corruption is out

Keep on with Honesty

All too often people are forced to give something extra to get a job done. It happens even when it’s actually their responsibility as stipulated in a working contract. This mindset only favors those who can afford bribes, leaving those who wish to get started honestly in the dust. In addition, it hampers ambition, growth, and personal as well as social development. Everyone doesn’t dare to do anything about it knowing that many barriers will be there to stop them.

Honesty must work closely with trust to overcome that. Otherwise, no risk will be taken, no plan will be accomplished and nothing will be done. A country can only grow if the people are letting it happen.

Conclude with Respect

It is something to be trustworthy and honest, but it might not gain the confidence people deserve. Caring about people, showing core values such as civility and care, are the last step to a big journey South-East Asia must undergo if it wants to go beyond.

To learn more about corporate values and their usefulness in daily operations, we welcome you to read about our “HR Essentials for Non-Human Resource Managers” upcoming course. Thank you for reading!