Employee turnover is a big issue in Cambodia, especially at the rank-and-file level. However, experience in Cambodia tells us that there are easy ways to bypass this problem. We previously covered the power of training to foster loyalty, but it does not stop there. Today, we will tackle the work environment and its impact on staff satisfaction and retention.

Company Policies 

Policies are a good starting point for all new and old companies. All of them need policies in order to set workers in the right direction. While they are bound to include some interdictions, policies can provide a charter to ensure workers feel at ease within their new corporate home. Communication etiquette for example, can stop impulsive managers from shouting. They can help to diminish the workload by ensuring overtime is either forbidden or well remunerated. Policies can ensure the environment stays clean and functional for everyone. See policies as frameworks you use to set your company as a good, efficient, easy-going workplace, for free.


This one is a bit more costly, but it can definitely boost your staff satisfaction. Everyone has needs in the workplace to keep the workflow steady and efficient, starting with something as simple as pens. All companies are relying on good equipment to thrive. But that’s not all. It pays to go the extra mile and provide unexpected equipment that nevertheless will make the life of your employees easier and better. Breakrooms with sofas and TVs to help them unwind after several hours of hard work, vending machines for beverages and snacks that will turn a profit over time; board games for after-work activities… Possibilities are numerous, and will develop your environment as something relaxed, flexible, and easy-going.

Air and Light 

Science proved it. Luminous, green environments have a tremendously good impact on people’s well-being. Stuffy environments where people are locked between walls, tiny hallways that are difficult to navigate within, or messy offices with piles of boxes all over will have a negative impact on staffs’ moods and contribute to grouchy employees, even if they do not realize it. Plants, monthly clean-up sessions, large windows, and closets in sufficient numbers will go far for your corporate environment.

Overall Staff Satisfaction

Building an enjoyable workplace environment is however only a small part to ensure managers and leaders are building efficient companies. Another big part is how to build an effective team. To learn more about ways to develop your team, we welcome you to join our certificate course on Building and Leading and Effective Team. Contact us for more information by phone at: 023-990-023, or by email at:  [email protected].

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