[Software Training] We are living in a brave new era, where everyone is connected and feeds on information constantly, either at home on their phone, or at work using desktop computers. This increased connection means that people have to juggle with more and more additional duties, no matter their department or level of responsibilities, as it is easier for customers, colleagues, and management, to connect with them and always ask for more. More details and follow-up for salespeople. More processes and invoices for accountants. More communication for marketers. Etc.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by duties as they multiply. That means increased mistakes, slip-ups, missed opportunities, and failures to meet targets. To this conundrum, 2 solutions answer. Either you hire and train employees to avoid understaffing, which is something we recommend but might not be adapted to your structure or budget… OR you implement software, also known as applications, apps for short. Nowadays, applications are multiplying. Everyone is bound to find something to ease their work, keep track of things, and ensure that nobody is forgotten. Let’s review some of them for effective software training.

  • Project Management is a complex field, with multiple processes to follow-up. There are team members to be responsible of, resources to allocate, budgets to spend wisely, and time to be managed. Project management software allows you to keep track on all of them, setting projects up to even include the smallest details. Deadlines will be met and budgets won’t be overspent. Microsoft Project or Base Camp are a couple create platforms to look into.
  • For salespeople, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are a “must-have”. Any inquiry you receive, any client showing interest, can and must be kept track of, along with his contact details and requirements on such platforms. Making deals easy to review and seeing where people stand, salespeople can increase tenfold their success rate and say goodbye to deals “rotting on the vine”. We recommend cloud-based platforms like Pipedrive or Salesforce that are ready-made, quick to implement, and easy to customize.
  • Marketers can have it much easier with digital marketing tools: social media management software, that schedule posts on all accounts and give access to all messages and inquiries in a single place; Advertising Campaign tools to spread the word to every nook and cranny of their target market; Email Automation applications, for easy contact and remarketing initiatives… Any marketer desiring to surge their results should familiarize themselves with programs like Hootsuite or MailChimp to give themselves an edge.
  • For administration people, there is Office 365 or G-Suite, platforms created by the 2 digital juggernauts that are Microsoft and Google, to guarantee smooth communication, excellent collaboration, constant contact between all services, data sharing, and more. If productivity is a problem, those platforms are the solution.

The list goes on. The point is: software can make life easier for companies. They spend less, cut down on waste, and increase their productivity without the need to hire more staff. As those applications are easy to learn and anyone can jump in and become a master on platform in a matter of several days to weeks. Furthermore, your data is protected against losses, as everyone is saved on Cloud-based servers. Finally, implementing new apps can give managers increased control and ability to monitor the team’s productivity. In several clicks, you easily see what employees have been up to, watching in real-time their updates, progress, communications, and client interactions.

To that end, the CLPD is happy and proud to announce that we have launched a new category of software training programs named “Technology for Business“, so that companies can begin to implement modern software, and train their existing teams to become faster, stronger, and better at what they do. Contact us for a free needs assessment. We would be delighted to hear from you and explore the digital solutions that would be a good fit for your company.