How to Master New Skills in Several Days? That’s an excellent question! As a trainer center, we offer both Certificate Courses and Diploma Programs. Certificate courses, well-known to the public, are short courses, from 1 to 2 days long, focusing on one specific subject and are geared for emerging leaders, mid-level managers, and senior managers. The center offers a wide range of subjects from Business to Technology, totaling in over 40 individual courses. These courses, all delivered in English, are a great way to enhance someone’s skills to meet the business challenges in Cambodia, regardless of whether they are Cambodian or foreign nationality.

Master New Skills with Diploma Programs

The Diploma Programs, on the other hand, are more in-depth training solutions crafted to help participants master new skills. That way, they can boost their career and company, taking their leadership skills to the next level. Based on the American University of Phnom Penh’s high educational standards, CLPD Diploma courses offer the same rigorous level of study to working professionals as AUPP Degrees, but in a flexible format that fits their busy schedule. Designed and adapted to professionals’ busy schedules, it is a great alternative for working adults to get the education they need to master new skills, but not have to sacrifice the time investment of completing an entire university degree.

Diploma programs from the CLPD are made up of five (5) or more individual certificate courses and are focused around a main discipline:

  • Human Resources: build loyalty from your workers right from their recruitment
  • Management: lead teams to high performance success through best practices in leadership, employees management and finance
  • Marketing: develop brand and products awareness through powerful, efficient and measurable offline and online campaigns
  • Operations: take care of all complex daily tasks and functions of companies thanks to streamlined plans, processes and tools
  • Project Management: create, implement and conclude a project from the beginning to the end

To learn more about our ways to master new skills, we welcome you to visit our Diploma Programs webpage on our website here. You can also contact us by phone or email for further details: 023-990-023 / [email protected]. Thank you for reading us.