Building an Effective Team

Leading High-Impact Teams: Energizing People for Performance On-the-job benefits

The course participants will gain the following significant benefits:

  • Improved management skills
  • Understanding of coaching
  • Development of teamwork, motivation and loyalty to the leader of the team
  • Higher productivity along with work efficiency

Target Audience

The course is recommended for:

  • First-line and Project Managers


  • There is no prerequisite for this course.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding the basics of a high-performing team
  • How power should change to “influence” in effective teams
  • Utilizing high performing teams to be centers for creativity and innovation
  • The role of a leader in a high performing team
  • Leading diverse teams (thought and culture)
  • Understanding the impact of emotions
  • Leading High-Impact Teams


  • Team Performance
    • Communication styles
    • Team performance analysis
    • Types of high performing teams and threats to effectiveness
    • How to work across distance
  • Power and Influence
    • Understanding networks of influence and authority
    • Building and using organizational capital
  • Creating and Innovating
    • Effective brainstorming
    • 2 types of thinking: convergent and divergent
    • Selling creative ideas to the organization (getting support)
  • Leading High-Impact Teams
    • Environment and culture (good vs bad conflict)
    • Challenges in teamwork – learning from each other
    • Turning I into WE – Find the facts and back the plan
    • Valuing diversity (wanting it too!)
  • Emotional Intelligence and Coaching
    • EQ vs. IQ
    • Personal plan to increase EQ
    • Communicating the importance of emotions


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