Everyone wants to display leadership, but most people believe they are not in a situation when they can. Being not high enough in the hierarchy ladder is stifling most ambitions, and there is always the fear than superior managers are not going to react well if an employee tries to enforce their idea or point of view. Ultimately, they believe leadership is NOT for all.

We, at the CLPD, would like to challenge this. Leadership for All is a concept we’re belieing in. We already tackled the issue in a previous article about new managers, and how it was important to build a learning culture, trusting them to do their best, in order to foster initiatives, growth and loyalty. However, limiting leadership to emerging leaders can still be limiting. As it is, leadership is not just a skill for managers, and assertiveness, no matter who shows it, is a definitive strength, valued and valuable. We believe that demonstrating leadership is important for employees at every level of an organization, as they are the front troopers, dealing with difficult situations and customers, knowing firsthand what makes the company successful and profitable. It is important for management to give them opportunities to lead every day, whatever their position is.

Here are three different outcomes that will allow leadership for all.

Leadership for All through Inspiration

Getting an order from a manager, then obeying it and realizing the goal they set you, is standard stuff. Now, when a peer, working on the same level than you, go further in his career and realize professional projects, through sheer dedication and talent, THAT will an impact. Those people are willing to challenge the status quo and make something better for themselves, be it learning, running a project or reaching a new KPI. They will act as an inspiration for their coworkers, especially if they are rewarded for their initiatives and success, creating a more innovative and modern environment.

Leadership for All through Relationships

Good leadership inspires loyalty and dedication. If people believe they can learn their workplace and grow better than they would somewhere else, they will have more chances to stay and give everything to their duties. The more people act as thoughts, projects or tools leaders the better, as they will build bonds with others following them, and help to improve, boosting the company as a whole.

Leadership for All through Confidence

Getting shutdown for voicing new ideas never builds confidence. It stifles ambition and willpower. If workers have to do like the others tell him to, it is unlikely they will rise. Worse, they will reproduce that behavior and stop any emerging leader from actually achieving their potential. Perhaps it will be out of spite, jealousy, or experience, but it will happen. To ensure commitments, managers must give freedom to their employees to try by themselves what they believe in. It does not mean they will challenge the powers in place. On the contrary, they will advance the department they are a part in, discussing the best ways to build relationships, loyalty, integrity, and trust. They will have the opportunity to know themselves, and build from their strengths while mending their weaknesses. There is no con to leadership at all levels.

To build a workplace where your eager employees can become great leaders, we encourage you to learn more about our Leadership and Management courses, available here.  For more details, or should you want to enroll, we welcome you to contact us either by phone at 011-21-21-44 or email at [email protected]. See you in class!