As a training center, the CLPD knows firsthand how important education is, especially in a country like Cambodia. Unfortunately for the Kingdom of Wonder, last year had quite its share of bad news, with the success rate of high school completion dropping from 90% to barely 40%. There are many identifiable reasons for such a drop, however, addressing these issues is the challenge. One uncommon approach may be through Khmer songs.

Tying Khmer Songs to Performance

It has been recognized than lively odes such as those delivered by classical music have a soothing effect, helping students to focus on the subject at hand. Khmer music, especially the old Khmer songs made by Sin Sisamuth, has similarities to classical music. But you have to select them accordingly. In that regard, it is recommended to privilege songs that are mostly instrumental, with no focus on percussions. Voices are okay, as long as they flow with the music and are not high-pitched. Finally, don’t put the volume too high. Songs must accompany you, not overpower you.

Using Khmer Songs to Reduce Stress

It can be something complicated to study, not only for students pursuing their education, but for professionals as well. They are bound by time, with their managers looking for good, fast results, and a return of investment. These constraints are very likely to create stress. To stay focused, Khmer songs give people a boost to keep going and surge their results. What matters also for everyone is the volume, as it must not be too noisy or distracting; the subject at hand, as it must not be too wide, separated in several parts to be understandable step by step; and the time, rushing is bound to fail, no matter the willpower, as it is likely to create stress.

Education is Always at the Start of the Road to Success

Education and Training are not subjects to be trifled with. With education, as the following picture says, you cannot create a project adapted to your skills, nor define a mission to help you rise. Without a mission, you have no strategy, no planning to undergo to define your career. And so on. Therefore, with its role in helping people, it is certain than Khmer Songs, and music in general, are an important key. Music brings pleasure and joy, keeps the motivation going, and relieves people from their worries.

Khmer Songs are right there at the start of the road to success

With such a fantastic musical culture, Cambodia has everything to succeed. Let not the results mentioned at the beginning of this article go in the way of a potential triumph.

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