Whether you hire from outside your organization or promote from within, all companies need management. In both of these cases, new managers do not always know the ins and outs of management, requiring needed training in order for them to integrate smoothly to the company’s leadership ranks. Here are a few best practices to reinforce in your organization’s new managers and emerging leaders as they begin their journey into the world of management.

Building a Learning Culture for Your New Managers

It can be stressful to be part of a new environment and new managers must feel welcomed and at ease. They must not be afraid to make blunders or to ask questions about concepts or processes they do not understand. That is where the company culture comes into play. An optimal environment is where trainers and managers are not fearful to make mistakes and where everyone is welcome to grow at their own pace. Managers, as an example to others, should learn to take accountability for mistakes, but should then use it as a chance to learn and improve. Encourage new managers to try new things and fail. However, foster a culture of “failing forward” and constantly learning from mistakes.

Accessibility to the Top

While it is necessary to keep the door of the top management open, we recommend streamlining the training to avoid bogging it down. As it is, communication channels must be set up and promoted so trainees are not afraid to contact their supervisors or executives for help. Emails can be scary if you do not know how the top will react. However, it is mandatory to reduce the power distance between them and the workers. Only this way those workers will understand the vision of the company and actually realize it. Set up a Live Chat group training and segment it depending on the subject. Get an idea / suggestion box you could answer every week. Or set up weekly Q&A sessions. The more the top and the base meet and discuss, the better.

Trust in Everything

Fostering trust in your environment is a must. There are many aspects of trust, none of which should be overlooked. First, there is trust in your workers’ abilities. Without this, workers do not feel valued no matter how open and easy-going managers are. They must enjoy a modicum of freedom, as responsibilities cannot be described as such if they have to report or face doubts constantly. Second, there is trust in their initiatives. While not all of them are valuable, it is important to give them a chance. If most of them are either disregarded or heavily modified, to the point it is not their idea anymore, employees won’t become more efficient, failing to make the company more modern, to enforce the vision of the CEO, or to stay ahead of the competition. Third, there is trust in the training. Qualified, relevant, helpful training always helps new managers to get on the right track. If the management training is good, the workers will follow and rise to the challenge.

To ensure your up-and-coming managers become great leaders, we encourage you to have them join our upcoming course on Building and Leading an Efficient Team. For more info, we welcome you to contact us either by phone at 023-990-023 or email at [email protected]. See you in class!