The Experience

The AUPP Center for Leadership and Professional Development’s approach to professional development is working hand in hand with employers and individuals to transform their vision into reality and provide the best learning experience possible. Programs from CLPD challenge leaders of the 21st century to think collaboratively to accomplish their organization’s mission, being immersive and intensive, helping learners to widen their worldview.

Our portfolio of programs reflects the world-class teaching of AUPP’s faculty and allows working professionals to enroll in professional courses while pursuing their careers.

Standards and Quality

FACULTY – Our team is a hand-picked blend of AUPP faculty, thought leaders, highly experienced practitioners, and subject matter experts who deliver exceptionally developed programs which produce a positive impact at all levels of your organization. All CLPD faculty hold terminal degrees and have years of teaching experience in western countries such as the USA, Canada, and the UK. As leaders and experts in various business disciplines our faculty creates a highly engaging learning environment that fosters maximum results.

AMERICAN STANDARDS. MODERN CURRICULUM. – Our dynamic mix of teaching methods and styles, designed specifically for professional education is built on an American academic framework. This results in a rigorous, collaborative and impactful experience which produces immediate results. The CLPD unique methodology includes case studies, action learning, lectures, study groups, simulations, and live consulting projects. Participants are challenged to make the connections between academic models and real world practice. The level of support for learners and organizations before, during, and after programs is second to none.

FACILITY – The CLPD is located at the current AUPP campus based in Toul Kork, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The current building has purpose-focused classrooms, science and computer labs, a library, writing center, and offices for faculty and staff. A planned new building will serve up to 4000 students in the near future.

Construction began in 2015 with a projected occupancy in early 2017. The new facility will have a state-of-the-art educational design. Additional educational space, sport facilities, and student housing will complement the academic space. The new AUPP campus will be the premier learning facility for tertiary and professional education in Cambodia.

Worldwide Recognition

Learners that complete CLPD training programs have proved that they have met international standards. The AUPP Center of Leadership and Professional Development has been built on the strength and integrity of the university to bring its same world-class teaching from the classrooms to organizations and working professionals in our community. The university has partnered with several American universities and international training organizations to deliver the highest standard of training available in the Kingdom. Some CLPD certificates issued by American University of Phnom Penh may also receive an additional international endorsement. For example, a learner that has completed an Air Transport Fundamentals course will earn an IATA endorsed certificate which is recognized worldwide.

Experience the International Air Transport Association training
Experience the University of Arizona training
Experience the Fort Hays State University training

Customized Solutions

For companies and organizations that have ongoing staff development goals, the Center for Leadership and Professional Development is your strategic training partner. Many organizations wish to see their staff complete ongoing training modules to ensure that their customers are getting the best experience possible. The CLPD provides flexible scheduling before, during, or after working hours and onsite training so that your staff don’t miss a beat. The CLPD offers a thorough Needs Analysis and can customize the training modules of each course delivered to precisely meet the needs of your team and organization. CLPD has custom training solutions when and where you need them.