Diploma Programs

Diploma programs are 5 certificate courses from the same program areas. These areas may include Financial Management, Leadership, Marketing, or Sales. Diploma Programs are ideal for managers and those in leadership positions that wish to expand their skill sets or career opportunities.

Financial Management

This diploma program includes the following five courses:

Diploma Programs: Financial Management

The Diploma of Financial Management is the best training available in Cambodia for all managers and rising leaders who wish to gain expertise in the complex world of finance. This program takes an in-depth look at effective financial management strategies including budget management and monitoring, maintenance of adequate accounting records, statements and investments analysis, and financial performance improvement. It is a unique turnkey solution for everyone who is responsible for the financial management and vitality of their organization.

Diploma of Human Resources


This diploma program includes the following five courses:
Diploma Programs: Human Resources

One of the critical functions of every firm is to manage the human capital effectively and strategically. This program will give you and advanced approach to leading your firm’s human resources department effectively and dynamically. The Diploma of Human Resources Management gives you the tools to cultivate an environment of learning, excellence, and high performance in your organization. This program covers a wide range of modern HR challenges including recruiting, onboarding, developing career pathways, motivating your team, managing diversity, and more. You will also develop strategies to increase staff retention, satisfaction, and loyalty to the firm.

Diploma of Leadership and Management

This diploma program includes the following five courses:

Diploma Programs: Leadership and Management

The Diploma of Leadership and Management is CLPD’s flagship program, covering a diverse range of modern management topics to give you an edge in your career. This intensive 5-course program is focused on transformative leadership strategies that will guide you to drive growth in your firm. You will learn how to lead your team to achieve business objectives, how to develop your employees, how to lead successful projects, and how to manage the finances of your firm or department. Graduates of the Diploma of Leadership and Management gain confidence and relevant business acumen to overcome modern business challenges in the workplace.

Diploma of Marketing

This diploma program includes the following five courses:

Diploma Programs: Marketing

In an increasingly co#mpetitive and globalized corporate environment, those who have modern marketing skills are going to excel. The Diploma of Marketing is an intensive 5-course program which will empower you to develop a brand, effectively and strategically manage the marketing activities of your firm, and drive more qualified leads into your sales funnel. Furthermore, this diploma is unique, as it integrates digital marketing elements such as social media strategies, content marketing, plus a focus on SEO and SEM.

Diploma of Operations Management

This diploma program includes the following five courses:

Diploma Programs: Operations Management

Operations Management is among the most complex fields. Modern day operations managers have the responsibility to keeping track of company assets, manage the supply chain, enhance the efficiency of large facilities, and overseeing the safety and movement of people in an organization. This program will develop your ability to enforce international standards, develop internal processes, and take a systems-thinking approach to managing your firm’s operations. This program is designed to be very practical and interactive, and empowers graduates to immediately implement new frameworks and control structures that will streamline their firm’s operations.

Diploma of Project Management

 This diploma program includes the following five courses:

Diploma Programs: Project Management

Successful projects require many parts to all move in sync and rhythm to achieve a common objective. This Diploma of Project Management gives you the skills to manage the tasks, people, and budget of any project cohesively and effectively. This program includes approximately 60 hours of world-class project management training from highly-qualified international instructors with decades of project management experience. You will develop your ability to get the most of your team, delegate effectively, and keep your project team on track to produce results on-time and with quality.

Diploma of Sales Leadership


This diploma program includes the following five courses:

Diploma Programs: Sales Leadership

Any firm will not get very far without a dynamic salesforce that can build long-term client relationships and effectively win deals. This Diploma of Sales Leadership is designed to equip you to lead and motivate your firm’s sales team, to better serve clients, and to close more deals. You will cover a range of selling and negotiation techniques through the entire sales process. This program also covers how to provide 5-star customer follow-up, how to use a CRM tool, and how to cultivate long-term business client relationships. This course is ideal for anyone moving into or currently in a sales management role.

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