The Web 2.0 hit the world several years ago with the subtlety of a bull in a china shop. The proliferation of mobile phones followed by social networks such as Facebook and YouTube completely and utterly revolutionized entertainment and communication. We are reaching a point where people start wondering how they could live without them. Except that it’s not only individuals who adopted these new tools and medias. Companies did as well, perhaps with even more enthusiasm as they understood the benefits they could have for their own corporate communications. But how can an up-and-coming manager or entrepreneur with beginner knowledge of business succeed like them? Here comes the 7 Ways to go from rags to riches through Digital Marketing:

Social Media

This is the first and foremost digital marketing tool any company must use to get a place in the marketplace. No Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram account? Your voice will not be heard, and even worse, you are doomed to be replaced by other brands dominating people’s thoughts. To create brand awareness, engage customers, convert them to followers, and create loyalty out of them, social media is a non-negotiable.


Anyone can create and maintain a social media account, but it is also true for a website. Many cheap or even free solutions exist to create a website right away. It is the best and broadest way to be found, especially if you own a brick and mortar shop. Even people that look through the Yellow Pages or other directories for businesses will look through the online versions. (Do printed directories even exist anymore?) The next step a consumer will take once they find a business that may have a product or service they need is follow the link to that business’s website. It’s plain to see that businesses in Cambodia that thought they could get by just using Facebook only don’t succeed. A below-average website or no website at all is a guarantee they will be going out of business.

Search Engine Optimization

Just having an attractive, speedy, updated website is not enough. You need to learn some basic SEO strategies. SEO (search engine optimization) is a fancy name for being easy to find on Google. Even if you have a website, if you are stuck on the 10th page of search results in your sector, it will be as if you didn’t even have a website. SEO does have some complexity to it, but it’s easy to bypass it. Take a course in SEO or get in touch with one of the many freelancers in the marketplace willing to optimize your website for a moderate amount. No excuses, you need to be easy to find when people are looking for what you offer.


Ok, you got the website and the social media account. But it does not look alive without content. If the last activity was in 2015 for example, people will believe you are out of business. Several words, through blogs especially, go a long way to maintain your reputation and reliability. Moreover, you can provide good knowledge and be seen as valuable. If you are not putting out a steady flow of pictures, articles, videos, blog posts, tutorials, podcasts, etc., you will be considered asleep, irrelevant, or out of business. Take an authoritative stance as the leader in your industry and let your voice be heard.


Now we are talking! Videos provide the best reach and engagement, and can be considered as the most optimal way to display your services and products. Videos provides faces to recognize, locations to get a look at, and insider access to your quality values and ethics. It pays to invest in videos, especially with how easy it has become. Grab your phone, download free editing software (like ‘i-movie’) and go for it!


The everlasting emails have stuck around and are still the primary method of communication for many professionals. It’s easy to get the most of emails and remind your customer base of your existence. You only need a database and an email platform such as MailChimp or Aweber to send them attractive and catchy email messages. You can even use templates where you only have to drag and drop to get a professional look. Actually, it barely even takes one hour to start a campaign! Don’t overload your email subscribers but stay in regular contact with relevant messages and content.


So far, we only talked about organic/free digital marketing tools to succeed, but there are paid solutions for promoting your business. We listed ads last on our list but not least. No matter where you look, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc., there will be ads. For as low as $1 a day, you can spread the word about your company and have your brand recognized in a heartbeat. Look into corporate advertising services on these platforms and find the best fit for your organization and budget.

Conclusion on Digital Marketing

This is only the tip of the iceberg of digital marketing. We definitely recommend those interested in developing and implementing a digital marketing strategy to take a look at our upcoming course adequately titled “Digital Marketing and Social Media”, available here.

Thank you for reading!