Custom Training Solutions

Custom Training Solutions

Each organization is different and unique. Our custom training solutions are high-impact training programs that are tailor-made and designed to meet the needs of your organization’s specific strategic objectives, and answer to the eventual challenges you are facing. Through a detailed Client Needs Assessment with the key stakeholders of your firm, we design customized programs and content specifically for your team. Here is our CLPD 5-step approach to develop customized training programs.

Step 1: Research & Analysis

Step 1 for CLPD's Custom Training Solutions

The first stage is to compile information about your firm’s training needs and strategic objectives. Working alongside your leadership team, a Project Director and a member of the teaching faculty will gather insights of the specific development areas of your employees through activities such as: analysis of company documents, 1:1 interviews, focus groups, surveys, etc.

Step 2: Design

Step 2 for CLPD's Custom Training Solutions

Here, we create the architecture and blueprint for the program, integrating the theme, objectives, modules, and other elements to achieve success.

Step 3: Development and Instructor Selection

Step 3 for CLPD's Custom Training SolutionsAt this stage, we begin the development of the learning materials for your program. We also select one or more of our world-class professional instructors to deliver your customized program, and finalize the program delivery dates.

Step 4: Program Launch

Step 4 for CLPD's Custom Training Solutions

Time to launch the program! Right from the beginning of the program, we test, measure, and evaluate the program’s effectiveness at every step to ensure that the engagement is high and that the experience is perfect.

Step 5: Continuous Improvement

Step 5 for CLPD's Custom Training SolutionsTraining is only effective if it produces results. Post-training, we measure impact, follow-up with participants, and help your leadership team with tools for ongoing evaluation as they begin to apply their newly obtained knowledge and skills.
The CLPD offers flexible scheduling before, during, or after working hours and onsite training so that your team doesn’t miss a beat.


Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Programs [LDP] are what training should always aim to do: providing a long-term development and career plan to employees and leaders alike. Through in-depth and intensive training, they are designed to grow a company’s high-potential staff and emerging leaders into the company’s next generation of leaders. They can address pain point or provide the best practices, guidelines, and procedures, to move forward in an ever more globalized and digital economy.
For more info, we join to see our dedicated page on Leadership Development Programs.

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