Stock Technical Charting is a two-day course introducing the fundamentals of reading stock charts.  Technical techniques start off with basic reading of candlesticks and progresses to reading support, resistance and long-term chart trends.  Participants will finish with skill building on reading basic chart patterns that lead to potential profitable trades.  An actual professional trader’s guides participants through each part of this course.


 Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify bullish and bearish candlesticks
  • Know what price trends are safe to trade
  • Identify trends for stock trade entry or exit points
  • Recognize stock patterns for up or down markets

 Course Modules

  • This two-day seminar is a beginner level course to stock trading.
  • Know how to trade: Splits, Earnings, Covered Calls, Breakouts, Bullish Patterns
  • The US Stock Market is used.
  • Step-by-Step trading system 

Training Methodology

  • All charts utilize candlestick stock charts
  • Practical drawing on charts for trends and patterns by participants
  • Free electronic resources where to find stock trades
  • Examples shared of actual trades by a professional trader

Dates & Location

AUPP New Campus

The CLPD Experience

Joining a CLPD class means getting an access to numerous unique advantages that only our center can provide in Cambodia:

  • State-of-the-art training facilities with modern lecture halls and equipment
  • Expert Western instructors with decades of experience in senior positions. 100% of them hold a post-graduate degree.
  • International quality standards at every step, from the curriculum creation to the delivery and follow-up
  • Certificates of completion recognized by the American University of Phnom Penh and valued by employers
Want More Information?

Check our Course Outlines (PDF) here: Stock Charting

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Phone: 011 21 21 44/  Mail: [email protected]

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