Participants will gain the following significant benefits:
  • Creation of clear, compelling communication for various mediums (e.g. ads, blog posts, newsletters, etc.)
  • Excellent writing skils adapted to their target market and industry
  • Increased engagement, lead generation, and sales
  • Quick adaptation of copies to all channels
  • Ability to inform and engage target audiences
  • Negotiation strategies via digital platforms
Target Audience

This course is recommended for:

  • Copywriters
  • Marketing and sales staff

There are no pre-requisites for this course.


Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Confidently adapt their writing style to match situations and audience
  • Communicate powerfully and persuasively while still building goodwill
  • Understand advanced communication techniques for digital platforms; e.g. Facebook, chat, email, etc.
  • Engage with customers appropriately, concisely, and confidently using digital platforms
Course Modules
  • Situational awareness and audience awareness
  • Format, composition, and style of digital written communication
  • Customer engagement via digital platforms
  • Effective interoffice written communication
  • Developing impact and using powerful language to influence others
Module 1: Understand the Readers
  • Situation awareness
  • Audience awareness
  • Catching attention
Module 2: The Writing Process

Format, composition, and style of digital written communication

  • Headlines/Taglines
  • What is the best copy? Content and calls-to-action
  • SEO Introduction and best practices
Module 3:  Digital Channels
  • How to Write for Blogs
  • How to Write on Social Media
  • How to Write for Websites
  • How to Write Emails
  • How to Answer on Live Chats
Training Methodology
  • Instruction by an expert facilitator
  • Practical illustrations
  • Interactive classes
  • Group discussions
  • Workshops
  • Simulations
  • Case studies


Open Course Enrollment Details

Dates & Location

AUPP New Campus


The CLPD Experience

Joining a CLPD class means getting an access to numerous unique advantages that only our center can provide in Cambodia:

  • State of the art training facilities with modern lecture halls and equipment
  • Expert Western instructors with decades of experience in senior positions. 100% of them hold a post-graduate degree.
  • International quality standards at every step, from the curriculum creation to the delivery and follow-up
  • Certificates of completion recognized by the American University of Phnom Penh and valued by employers
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