This two-day course offers a comprehensive introduction to performance measurement related to project initiatives. Participants learn how to assess well-performing initiatives versus low-performing initiatives in order to validate the benefits promised in the business case. In this interactive session, participants learn the basics of setting up a project management measurement program. They are introduced to tools that enable them to plan, select, align, and track the correct measures; as well as how to communicate to stakeholders with effective reporting


Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Lead a measurement team through the major steps in the Project Management Measurement Framework (PEMARI)
  • Establish a good set of project management performance and value measures
  • Create a scorecard/ dashboard for collecting, analyzing, and reporting performance and value information
  • Plan to communicate performance data to a variety of stakeholders
  • Learn steps to lead, implement, and overcome barriers to a performance measurement program
  • Strategize how to overcome common barriers when implementing a measurement program

Course Modules

Basics of Measurement

  • Describe the reasons for measurement
  • Identify the success factors for measuring performance
  • Discuss success factors when measuring performance
  • Recognize a performance measurement approach

Plan Measurement

  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of measurement stakeholders
  • Identify goals and objectives of measurement

Establish and Update Measures

  • Identify possible measures of performance
  • List the criteria for good measures
  • Explain how to link measures to organizational objectives
  • Demonstrate how to prioritize a list of measures
  • Create a measure package listing the who, what, how, where, when for a measure

Measure Performance

  • Describe good data collection practices
  • Identify sources of data
  • List possible issues with data that need to be addressed
  • Design a data collection worksheet

Analyze Data

  • Describe several ways you might analyze data to interpret performance results
  • Identify several tools to use in analyzing performance data

Report Performance

  • Describe how performance reporting can assist management decision making
  • Discuss the elements needed in an effective reporting plan
  • Explain the benefits of launching a performance measurement pilot

Continuous Improvement

  • Indicate the barriers to performance measurement success that need to be monitored
  • Identify the reasons for monitoring the measurement team
  • List sources of performance measurement best practices

Course Wrap Up

  • Practice the key points previously discussed:
    • Plan Measurement
    • Establish and Updated Measures
    • Measure Performance
    • Analyze Data
    • Report Performance
    • (Continually) Improve your measurement process
  • Develop a second case study



Training Methodology

  • Case Study
  • Measure and Analyze Data Exercises
  • Project Management Evaluation Design in Teams
  • Group Exercises

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AUPP New Campus


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