As the digital transformation of the media industry puts greater power in the consumers’ hands, we will be sharing how latest social media and mobile landscape trends create scalable media technology solutions to help in this revolution.  The media industry is moving from mass media to personalized media. Through this talk, we will be sharing the industry insider tips of how to be part of the media technology revolution. Does your organization need to leverage digital marketing for lead generation, customer engagement and market research?  Does your organization also want to spread awareness about your brand and provide support to your customers by handling their grievance and queries, which ultimately leads to sales, customer acquisition & satisfaction.

Key Objective of this Seminar

The primary objective of digital marketing seminar is to show how the use of digital marketing can do the followings:

  1. Introduction of media and marketing
  2. Revolution of media from traditional to digital, and to technology
  3. Advertising today
  4. Rapid shift in mass media to personalized media
  5. Power of consumers: Convert leads into buying customers,
  6. Increase the projected revenue or LTV that a customer generates during their lifetime,
  7. Win-back inactive and lost customers.
  8. The skill you need to start or advance your career in digital marketing.
  9. Define and implement digital marketing strategy.

Key Takeaways

This seminar will equip you with the following tools:

5As (aware, appeal, ask, act, advocate), 4Cs (co-creation, currency, communal activation, conversation) O3 (own, other, outer), 4 Ps (product, price, place, promotion)

Marketing Productivity Metrics: Purchase Action Ratio (PAR), Brand Advocacy Ratio (BAR).

Run a successful marketing strategy. Reach tangible targets to increase your sales. How to be successful on social media. Read and analyze people using social media. Perform story telling in digital marketing.

What Distinguishes This Event?

CLPD Marketing Seminar 2018 presents the opportunity for marketing professionals and Executives to network and build partnerships with peer level professionals, while learning new ideas and strategies that they can replicate within their own organizations, to build a best practices culture. The Marketing Seminar 2018 has the following distinguishing features:

  • Exclusive qualified senior level attendance (marketing and general management)
  • Strategic breakout sessions
  • Executive luncheon networking session
  • Showcasing leading solutions and services by industry leaders
  • Expert international seminar trainer from the EU and USA to interact, share ideas and provide best practices to you and your team.

Open Course Enrollment Details

Dates & Location

The CLPD Experience

Joining a CLPD class means getting an access to numerous unique advantages that only our center can provide in Cambodia:

  • State-of-the-art training facilities with modern lecture halls and equipment
  • Expert Western instructors with decades of experience in senior positions. 100% of them hold a post-graduate degree.
  • International quality standards at every step, from the curriculum creation to the delivery and follow-up
  • Certificates of completion recognized by the American University of Phnom Penh and valued by employers
Want More Information?

Check our Course Outlines (PDF) here: Digital Marketing

You can also contact us at:

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