Course Description

This 16-hour leadership seminar is especially useful for those who are open to new leadership and management practices, and prefer innovative strategies to raise organization performance.  Experience how leadership is used to drive change, influence others, influence team members and raise performance outcomes.


Executives, project managers, managers, team leaders

Learning Outcomes

  • Define the key concepts related to Behavioral Leadership
  • Identification of the personality characteristics senior managers perceive as the most effective leaders and project managers.
  • Know behavioral competences do senior managers deem essential to superior leadership and project manager performance.
  • Identify the roles of a modern-day leader to reach higher level of organization performance
  • Influence others
  • Inspire your teams to identify causes and find solutions

Course Outline

  1. Getting to know you as a leader
  • Individual Leadership Profile
  • Leaders Actions to Involve and Motivate Teams
  • Key Differences Between Leaders and Managers
  • What is a Strategic Leader
  1. Leaders as Negotiators
  • Understanding Transactional Leadership
  • Why Leaders Negotiate
  • Negotiation Strategies
  1. Inspiring Change
  • Leaders as agents of change
  • Overcoming resistance to change
  • Creating effective teams
  • Knowing your leadership vision
  • Action plans for leaders
  1. Leadership Performance Strategies
  • The Customer Journey – Knowing your internal customer
  • Essential Coaching techniques
  • Leaders focus on performance

CLPD Resources

CLPD is part of the American University of Phnom Penh – AUPP.  Seminars provided by CLPD include:

  • Free Wi-Fi access throughout the campus
  • Use of seminar training room
  • Use of breakout training areas
  • Print and electronic access to training materials
  • Access to university dining hall facilities

Seminar Workload Expectations

This seminar is structured around 2 consecutive days.  Often seminar participants select coaching after the seminar to support implementation of strategies.  Given this condensed time-frame, you should expect an intense learning workload.  The seminar workload is estimated as follows:

Seminar Item Estimated Hours
Pre-Reading Activities 2
Seminar Experience 8
Post-Seminar Coaching 6


These estimates will vary depending upon your existing knowledge level and/or time commitment.

Seminar Schedule

Open courses are offered each quarter.  Open courses allow individuals to sign-up for participation in the training.  Corporate courses, with participants from one organization, are created upon request.

Evaluation and Assessment

To receive a certificate upon completion of the seminar participants must pass the following evaluation exercises:

  • Completion of Fish Bone exercise
  • Leaders vs. Mangers presentation
  • Demonstration of GROW coaching
  • Creation of Leadership Vision
  • Demonstration of Negotiation techniques
  • Completion of Customer Journey stages
  • Successfully complete the Four Stages of Leadership
Open Course Enrollment Details

Dates & Location

AUPP  Campus

The CLPD Experience

Joining a CLPD class means getting an access to numerous unique advantages that only our center can provide in Cambodia:

  • State of the art training facilities with modern lecture halls and equipment
  • Expert Western instructors with decades of experience in senior positions. 100% of them hold a post-graduate degree.
  • International quality standards at every step, from the curriculum creation to the delivery and follow-up
  • Certificates of completion recognized by the American University of Phnom Penh and valued by employers
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