AUPP to launch Technology Center in January 2021

AUPP to launch Technology Center in January 2021

AUPP board of trustee’s members, and president of the Center for Professional Leadership and Development (CPLD) Dr. Guido Gianasso said: “This new center will put entrepreneurs, expert mentors, and investors under one roof with the aim to develop commercially viable ideas.”

“The idea behind the technology center is cutting edge, and the facilities available for users will be state of the art”.

It will be the first of its kind in Cambodia, with the idea originating during a trip to Israel with H.E. Dr. CHEA Vandeth, Minister of Post and Telecommunications, and Nanyang Technological University Alumni from Singapore in May 2019.

“It will be open to anyone who has a bright idea in the technology field and an entrepreneurial spirit, not just students at AUPP,” he said.

“There is lots of talent in Cambodia that doesn’t currently have access to mentors and investors to nurture and develop their ideas. This center will facilitate that process, maximizing the opportunity to harness the potential in the Kingdom,” he said.

“Despite not opening yet, the project has already agreed to partnerships with several private investors, technological universities, and tech companies which will join a team of expert mentors at the center,” he added.

Vice president of academic and student affairs at AUPP, Dr. Dan Kulmala agrees, stating that the project will be a significant asset to the university and offer students the opportunity to develop their tech capacity.

“The center will encourage students to flex their entrepreneurial ideas while developing their technological capacity. Building the Cambodians’ digital skillset is becoming increasingly important as the Kingdom embraces the fourth, or digital, revolution. This center will offer the chance to boost those skills, developing human resources in the digital sector within the country,” he said.

Ministry of Education spokesman, Mr. Ros Soveacha said: “The ministry welcomes all projects within the Kingdom which help implement STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) policies in line with the Education Strategic Plan 2019-2023, which encompasses a focus on promoting digital education”.

A junior student majoring in business administration, who asked not to be named, said: “It’s definitely good news. It is not only just for the AUPP community, but for our country as a whole since we are currently looking towards technological innovation to help business grow”.

“I’m sure the CPLD and AUPP community are proud to contribute to the new digital transformation. As a business student, I’m interested in start-ups, and I believe that technology is essential in helping businesses survive in a crowded market. I think the new center will bring new networks and opportunities and will be of great benefit to everyone, especially young entrepreneurs”.

Soun Chanveasna, a fourth-year student who majors in architecture, said: “When I heard the announcement, I immediately wanted to know more.”

“I have ideas and would like to participate and use the experience and connection the center will provide. I’m looking forward to seeing how the center can help me with my start-up ideas. I will go when it is officially open and see how it can benefit me,” Veasna added.

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