How to Get a Job in CambodiaWelcome readers. If you landed on this page, chances are you’re looking to find a job in Cambodia. There are many opportunities in the Kingdom of Wonder, but are you fully prepared to tackle the Cambodian job market? Whether you’re a local entering this market or a foreigner willing to move here, there are several points you need to now to maximize your chances and ensure your success. Let’s get started!

1st Top Skill to Get a Job in Cambodia: Dedication

Faced with a volatile workforce likely to quit at any time, Cambodian companies are very defiant to people they train and invest in, only to see them go. Make sure, either with your cover letter or during the first phone call, to ascertain that you’re here to stay. Showcasing key arguments such as long experiences in previous companies are guaranteed to break the ice and prove your worth.

2nd Top Skill to Get a Job in Cambodia: Endurance

You better be ready for a game of waiting, unless you’re looking for an entry level job. Recruitment processes can be really lengthy before you are trusted with responsibilities, data and the simple pleasure to see the warm face of your new boss every morning. Be patient, set deadlines for yourself and give the time for the needed budget to be approved.

3rd Top Skill to Get a Job in Cambodia: Extroversion

Are you one of these people who like to be focused on their job and limit human contact for professional activities? If so, you’re in for hell! Your coworkers will love to talk to you, share their stories and know more about yours. The same goes for recruiters. A good candidate will always be seen as outgoing, confident, and open-minded.

4th Top Skill to Get a Job in Cambodia: Peacefulness

Buddhism goes a long way to explain the Cambodian love for peace and tranquility. Do not boast, and do not overwhelm people with your abilities. Otherwise, you might be seen as overpowering and likely to get into arguments. Under no circumstance, even justified, must you raise your voice or display strong emotions. You don’t want anyone to believe you cannot control yourself.


And there you have them. Keep in mind that no matter how great your diploma, how polished your CV or how smooth your voice, success is not certain. In another country, these qualities could have landed you that job of your dream. But here, companies deal on a more short-term basis. They must see the strength and value you will bring right from the start, from the bottom to the top, as hierarchy is pretty respected.

The CLPD is wishing you good luck in your searches. To acquire the skills you need to increase your chances, we welcome you to take a look at our upcoming Hiring Right courses. A course for recruitment managers and job seekers looking for the assets to find and showcase.