Many have the common idea that a university degree is all you need to get started in your career. Once you’ve been hired, experience will be the only worthwhile tool to have for future moves. Sorry to say, but it is plain wrong. As good and necessary as experience is, it is far from enough to give you the edge you need in a world that is constantly changing. As a training center, we know you need something extra to put you above the rest. Tools to ensure you will have the knowledge, skills, and abilities recruiters are looking for. That is the purpose of life-long learning, which happens to be one of our core values here at the American University of Phnom Penh.

Fill a Niche

What is a niche? It is a need that is not wide spread, only shared by a set of specific people, either companies, employees, groups, or individuals. Coffee is a mainstream need for example, but hazelnut coffee with whipped cream is a niche. A common mistake is to believe that niches mean you won’t get the crowd to come to you. But the crowd is a fickle being, willing to try the hundreds of competitors out there to get a better taste or a better price.

Providing a niche, you are stating to the world that you are the “go-to” man or woman for your special skill, service, or product. Every hazelnut coffee lover will come to you, rather than just every new coffee shop in town. It is the same for knowledge. No matter if you are an outstanding student or a well experienced manager. Get stuck in your habits, rely on broad knowledge for your work, and recruiters, especially the young ones, might dislike your ways. You won’t have that spark, that specific knowledge companies are eager to get and pay for.

Advance Your Career

Many are stuck in their career. Companies are willing to make them progress in their structure as long as they show loyalty, but the progress is more often than not slow, and not always going in the right direction. Unfortunately, changing jobs is not that easy when you are experienced, as people believe you are stuck in one industry, or even one field. That is the best time to get some fresh knowledge to prove your dedication to advancing your career. With life-long learning, get what upper managers want to ensure you are the right fit for what they are looking for. It can be as easy as spending 2 days in a classroom to complete a course on leadership or negotiation skills.

Grow Your Company

We mentioned that in the local job market, there is more demand than supply. It is also true when it comes to corporate competition. There are more companies than customers actually need. If they all provided the same service, it is ensured they would have all died a long time ago. They found their own niche to fill, but there is more than the product itself. There is the service provided, the organizations, the management, the logistics, the marketing tactics… everything that is contributing to the evolution, and ultimately the success of the company.

Now, if one of these areas fail to provide results, the competition will get ahead. Experience may once more be limited, and not everyone can track down the new changes. Would an old-school marketer who spent his whole life relying on events and networking believe that digital marketing is booming and needs to make a shift? Or would a tenured manager believe that ways to lead people are evolving and now requires more care and active listening to get the most out of employees? Well, life-long learning answers that by keeping the key people of your organization up-to-date and happy. Don’t let anybody fall behind the times.

Conclusion on Life-Long Learning

Would you be interested to learn more about life-long learning solutions to advance your career and/or boost your company? Take a look at our wide range of Certificate Courses in over 15 different subjects. There are also Diploma Programs; more in-depth training to help you master a skill. Contact us by phone at 023-990-023 or email at [email protected]. Never stop learning!